Muchhetra Gurung

I am pleased that the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has launched its new website I hope that the website shall serve as a universal platform for all NRNs around the world, rendering our channels of communication more effective. I would like to thank and congratulate the International Coordination Council, its Secretariat staff and those from the National Coordination Councils, who actively engaged in the completion of this task.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) had launched its campaign with the motto 'By Nepali, For Nepali" from the United Kingdom fourteen years ago. It is a pleasure to say that the association has now established its 74 branches across the world. The remarkable achievement of becoming a universal organisation in a relatively short period of time could be attributed to our various works of merit over the years.

Be it our endeavour to take collective investments to Nepal or our campaign for the continuation of Nepalese citizenship, be it our effort to save the life of a Nepalese labourer in a Golf country or our ongoing project to provide housing for the thousands of homeless people in Laprak following the earthquakes in Nepal, there is a long list of humanitarian and philanthropic works accomplished by the NRNA.

With over 100,000 Nepalis living in the United Kingdom where the NRNA concept was initially introduced, the NRNA UK has also provided numerous aid schemes and other supports in Nepal. While the NRNA UK has always fostered a sense of solidarity in relation to the death of a Nepali, the association has also provided support and subsidies to the Trial Running World Champion Mira Rai. Be it our industry to build a maternity care home in Jumla or our effort to reconstruct the Sirise School in Panchthar, be it our collective investment in hydropower projects or our solidarity with the Gurkhas in their ongoing fight for equality and justice, the NRNA UK has been continuously expanding its efforts in order to ensure that its responsibilities are fulfilled. All these achievements were possible with the ongoing support of the Nepalis living in the United Kingdom.

The NRNA UK is now working day and night to build a Nepal House in the United Kingdom, and I hope that the present committee that I am chairing shall this dream project to a logical phase before my tenure expires in September 2017. Let's stay positive, our dream will come true. However, this will only be possible with your continuous financial, material or other type of support.

As President for the 2015 - 17 tenure, I am honoured to serve this organisation and its members. We have an exceptional legacy to serve the Nepalis in the UK, in Nepal and around the world. We work continuously in order to make the NRNA and NRNA UK even better.

Muchhetra Gurung
President (2015-17)
Non-Resident Nepali Association UK
15th February 2017